By Lucy Notarantonio


A single mum who sells explicit photos for cash has proudly posed in her lingerie alongside her five-year-old daughter in a bid to reduce the stigma attached to the profession.

Sammii Lively, 27, says her job – which involves selling exclusive photographs of herself online – is often ‘frowned upon’ but that she refuses to hide her career from her five-year-old daughter, Mia.

After posting a photograph of herself in her underwear with her daughter across her social media platforms to reduce the stigma, Sammii says she’s ‘proud and thankful’ for her job as it allows her to provide for her child.

Sammii from Birmingham, West Mids, is also a hairdresser and says Mia aspires to be one too.

She said: “I never thought I would be a single mum and it has been the hardest journey I have ever been on, but it is worth it.

“I posted the photograph online to tell people I’m not ashamed of my job and I work hard to provide for my daughter so she can have the best life possible.

“She has been coming with me to shoots since a baby and she understands it is just a job.

“She loves coming to the shoots and helping the photographer to pick the best photographs.

“I have a strong work ethic and I am teaching Mia that you can get whatever you want in life, if you work hard.

“I am also a hairdresser and I sell exclusive photos online which allows me to provide the best for my daughter.

“We go abroad every year; Mia attends extracurricular activities after school such as dancing and singing.

“I love my job – whilst others associate my photos with sexual thoughts, I see it as art.

“The photographers have a vision and I am there to help them tell a story through the image.”

Sammii also posts photos that she describes as ‘a bit naughtier’ than her shoot pictures on social media platform that requires a subscription.

She adds: “Some people might look down on my job, but I never post naked photos – I just see Only Fans as another way to get money.

“I usually post risky photos and videos that tease the viewer, like a little dance or seductively lick a lollipop.

“I leave something to the imagination and never completely reveal my body.

“I love my job and I have been featured in magazines, brochure and business cards for lingerie companies.

“The photographs I post are no different to posting a photo on holiday in your bikini, the only difference is, I get paid for it.”


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