Offbeat Video

By Iain Watts


There’s something fishy about this scantily clad calendar – the bevvy of beauties featured are all posing with giant CARP.

Makers of the bizarre ‘Carponizer’ calendar 2020 claim it combines men’s two great passions – women and fishing.

To create the unusual offering, 12 oversized carp were caught before they were handed to nude and lingerie-wearing models to hold while the girls posed waist deep in water.

The completely un-photoshopped calendar was shot at Lake Fishabil , a carp-fishing hotspot in Brittany, France, earlier this year, over several weeks.

Helpers were even employed to keep the carp, which were caught and released after snapper Raphaël Faraggi bagged the perfect shots within a strict 20 minute window, healthy.

Creator Hendrik Poehler hit back at suggestions from animal activists the calendar was cruel, arguing all fish are thrown back in the water after the shots are taken as carp anglers never kill their carp.

Hendrik, 31, from Germany, said: “Fishing is one of the biggest hobbies in the world, and the Carponizer erotic carp calendar is conquering the world!

“The calendar is popular for two reasons – the idea is very special, but very easy.

“Most men love to go fishing and they also love beautiful women, so why not combine them?

“The shoot for the calendar was very elaborate.

“Everything must be perfect – good weather, beautiful models, a perfect carp which must be caught before – so it could take hours or even days to take each photo, the whole thing took several weeks.

“Some people don’t like the calendar, because they think it is animal torture, but carp anglers love our carps and say ‘never kill your dream’.

“The health of the fish was always respected.”

Hendrik got the idea for the Carponizer calendar several years ago after ruminating on ways he could combine the two things he considered most beautiful.

As carp fishing has its origins in England, Hendrik said it wasn’t surprising it has a huge fan base here in the UK.

He claims his once-novelty calendar is now climbing popularity tables all over the world.

Hendrik added: “Catching a carp for the calendar is the dream of many anglers.

“I think the calendar has been so popular because the idea is so unique, but comical too.

“After our initial success in Germany, where it has long been celebrated as a cult calendar, we are now topping bestseller lists in other countries and have fans all over the world.

“The Carponizer is currently one of the most desired sports calendars in England and the US too.

“It’s a great feeling to know people love our calendar – it’s a confirmation of our hard work.”

The calendar retails at £16.99 and is available online.