Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This amazing trickshot sees a man hurl a bottle of water on top of an Arby’s entrance sign.

Arby’s employee, Aaron Basham was outside side of one the branches attempting the impressive feat on November 9.

Aaron had already tried two times before recording the third and final attempt of landing the bottle upright on the ‘b’ in the sign.

The bottle flies up toward the sign, making a full rotation, and landed in exactly the right place resulting in shock and amazement from Aaron.

Aaron said: “I realised how dumb I must look so before going back in I decided I’d try one more time and I already had my phone out, so it was an all or nothing deal.

“I couldn’t believe I did it and in only three tries I was astounded.

“I’d say the sign was about a storey or so high.

“I’m the bottle flip champ round these parts.”