Animals Nature Video

By Randal Coombs


A hungry squirrel went nuts for a chicken wing it found while sat on a kerb.

Sara Clark had just picked up some takeout from Buffalo Wild Wings on November 15, when she spotted the rodent with a similar fast food hankering.

Sat in her car in Westerly, Rhode Island, the 53-year-old watched on as the squirrel ran in front of her vehicle before sitting itself down on the pavement.

Clearly happy with its snack choice, the tiny animal nibbles away cheerfully as it picks every last morsel off the bone.

Sara said: “We found it so funny that he was enjoying wings as we had just picked up the same meal.

“I’ve seen squirrels nearby dragging all types of food across this car park, but never a chicken wing.

“All in all, the squirrel sat there for two minutes before it had finished.”