Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A bus had its route cut off by an angry elephant that resulted in a showdown, with neither the driver nor giant animal backing down.

As Subas Baral was riding a bus through Madi, Chitwan National Park, Nepal, on November 16, he had to deal with a delay in his commute.

The delay wasn’t caused by traffic or roadworks, but rather an angry elephant that had decided to block the path.

Even with the bus driver repeatedly honking his horn, the stubborn giant held its ground, unwilling to budge.

The elephant even went as far as to charge towards the bus, which caused the driver to dramatically reverse.

After an intense stand-off, the elephant wandered off into the thick bushes, allowing the bus to pass.

Subas said: “The Elephant blocked the road for the bus to go through and was coming closer and tried to attack.

“Because of the horn, the Elephant went away.”