Nature Video

By Neo Bye

A homeowner was left stunned after a sneaky snake managed to jump out a swimming pool and scale a small wall before making a getaway with its prey still in its mouth.

Melanie Ottaway was in her parents back yard in Queensland, Australia, when she noticed a snake in the pool with a dead lizard in its mouth on November 14.

The green snake struggles for a moment before propelling itself out of the pool with the prey secured in its mouth.

The slithering reptile then begins to scale the short wall by sliding into the gaps between the bricks, eventually climbing atop and scuttling off into the brush.

Melanie said: “I cannot believe the way the snake carried himself and the lizard up the pavers, it was freakishly awesome.

“He took the lizard in the bush for a delightful feast, I bet he was proud of himself.

“I’m glad the snake got some dinner.”