By Jasmine Kazlauskas


This adorable baby kangaroo does not look very impressed with his loving mum’s determined attempts to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Photographer Nathan Hopkins captured this tender moment between the mother and joey kangaroos while visiting the picturesque Lucky Bay in Western Australia earlier this month.

The 26-year-old, who is originally from Sydney, said he felt it was a beautiful humanistic moment and was a situation that all parents and children could relate to.

The photograph has since gone viral since being uploaded online, racking up thousands of likes comments on social media.

He said: “There is such a human element to it. You can really see the mother cares about her baby.

“She just wants to give him a kiss, and it looks like he is saying ‘Mum, please stop!’.

“It is almost as if the baby is really embarrassed by it all. It was so funny to see.

“There were kangaroos hopping up and down the beach, so when they stopped, I tried to position myself on the ground with a nice background to shoot the moment.

“I was just very lucky to have captured such a lovely moment.

“For me, this photo makes me feel warm, happy and really embodies what Australia is about.”