Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

A disapproving dog was left to watch on as his owner’s rage intensified at the new shooter game, Call of Duty.

Parnaz Nikamalfard and her boyfriend, Yuri, live with their goldendoodle, Milo in Schaumburg, Illinois, and they were altogether on November 16 when Yuri brought home his new video game.

Parnaz thought it would be funny to record his raging reactions to the game, but noticed that Milo perked up every time Yuri would scream expletives.

The look on the face of Milo is one of disappointment as he is disturbed every time that Yuri complains at the game.

Parnaz said: “My boyfriend bought the new call of duty game and he’s been playing it for hours every day, just yelling at his PC whenever he dies.

“I thought my dogs reactions were hilarious, he has very human like expressions.

“Milo was probably thinking ‘What’s his problem? I’m trying to sleep’.

“My boyfriend thinks the video is hilarious, he had no idea I was recording and didn’t even realise how much he was swearing.”