Nature Video

By Neo Bye

A photographer was able to capture amazing footage of a starling murmuration swirling around a pier.

Dave Briggs was near the main pier in Aberystwyth, Wales, on the evening of November 18 when the thousands of birds took flight.

With a stunning sunset as a backdrop, the birds begin to float like a blanket across the sky.

The murmuration swarms the pier both above and below in mesmerising patterns and movements.

Dave said: “I felt quite privileged that I’d witnessed the spectacle and quite content in the knowledge that I and the few others who had made the effort had witnessed something that a great deal more people in the UK should try to see.

“I’ve been waiting for a Weather Window to open as I  wanted to Photograph the Starlings in Silhouette as it really does give the best definition.

“I felt like that I’d had a plan it had been executed and it was a Job well done.”