Nature Video

By Neo Bye and Jack Mobley

A lucky camper suffered a close call when a fatal boulder crashed past his campsite and narrowly missed smashing into his head.

Shayan Anwer and his hiking friends were packing up camp at Spantik Base Camp in Pakistan on July 28, 2018 when disaster almost hit.

As they finished packing away the final tents, a boulder hurtled towards the group to which Shayan began fleeing away from the deadly path.

The boulder bounced and clipped the top of a tent before glancing a porter, leaving only a few cuts and bruises.

The close shave left everyone bewildered, including Shayan as everyone checks that there are no major injuries.

Shayan said: “It kept snowing for days which eventually accumulated and ended up in this crazy boulders shower.

“My tent was destroyed and the boulder took with it another tent along with the equipment inside it.

“It was a mix of thrill and fear I would say.

“One of the porters got hurt but nothing too serious, just a couple of cuts and bruises.”