By Mollie Mansfield


A teenage make-up artist was left ‘looking like a DORITO’ after having an epic fake tan fail on her first ever attempt.

After feeling glum that the weather had finally turned cold and dark, Ellena Brice decided to fake tan herself to restore her summer glow.

Having never self-tanned before, Ellena, 18, decided to take the recommendations of her friends and picked up the darkest shade available.

Thinking it would be as straight forward as her friends made out, when she returned home Ellena smothered herself in the tan and left it on for the instructed time before washing it off.

Upon looking in the mirror the make-up artist was shocked to see that she was left look like a ‘walking Dorito’ and immediately tried to exfoliate the remaining tan off of her.

However, much to her dismay Ellena was left with the tan for two weeks and claims she had to wear darker make-up to cover her epic fail.

Ellena, from Orpington, Greater London, said: “I have always gone to a professional to get my tan done, but because I was feeling down with the cold and dark weather I decided to do it myself.

“I was so pale and was going out for a meal so wanted something to make me feel a bit better.

“So I asked my friends advice of what to get and didn’t even think about how the colour would look on me.

“When I got home I put it all over the place but was shocked with what I saw when I washed the initial layer off.

“It looked disgusting – it was all in my pores, I had a brown hair upper lip – I was literally a walking Dorito!

“The worst part was, it took another two weeks for it to completely disappear so I had to wear darker make-up and try not to touch things as I was staining everything.

“After that incident I’ve decided not to fake tan ever again – I’m just going to accept an admire my English rose skin so I don’t end up looking ridiculous!”

Despite her best efforts, Ellena claims that she couldn’t do anything to get rid of the tan.

She said: “I was exfoliating my skin until it bleed but then I was starting to look like a loaf of tiger bread my skin started going crusty.

“It was more annoying because the next day I was going out.

“I tried everything to cover it up, but had to settle with just using darker make-up.

“I told everyone about my mishap with the fake tan and then everyone stopped looking at my skin weird.

“My friends just thought it was funny and typical of me.

“But my family and my mum’s friends reactions were worst as they’re older so they were mortified!”