Amazing Life Video

By Joe McFarlane

This trick shot toddler has been showing off his baller skills by draining basketball shots from absurd angles and distances for a small boy to make.

Calvin Shannon has been practicing his basketball skills since he was 22-months-old mainly in his backyard in Columbus, Ohio.

The compilation shows the now four-year-old shoot baskets and execute almost impossible trick shots throughout his short life.

Netting from upstairs to downstairs and timing a water balloon through a moving hula-hoop are just some of the mind-blowing tricks on show.

What is even more impressive is the amount shots Calvin can make consecutively, shooting and netting three or four times in a row.

Dad Michael said: “Calvin has been playing basketball since he was able to sit up at 7 months old and he became obsessed with it since and it became his entire world each day.

“From playing, watching, and drawing basketball it has been part of his daily routine since.

“It’s come so easy and natural to him, he was born gifted at the game of basketball and has unique physical ability for his age.

“I am still blown away with what I see from him.

“The shots he is able to make, or consecutive shots he makes are unbelievable for his age.”