Amazing Nature Video

By Federico Cornetto  


This is the spectacular moment a drone flew down a huge volcano crater filled with acidic water and sulphuric smoke. 

Earlier in 2019, Spanish filmmaker Andrés Morillas visited the Ijen volcano, in Java, Indonesia. 

Andrés flew his drone down the inner side of the volcano, capturing columns of sulphuric smoke erupting from the cracked earth and the acidic water that filled up the crater. 

The Ijen volcano is home to a one-kilometre-wide turquoise-coloured lake, the largest highly acidic lake in the world. 

It is also well-known for being the site of sulphur-mining operations, and for the electric-blue flames that appear at night, caused by eruptions of the substance.

Andrés said: “We woke up at half past midnight to climb inside the volcano before dawn.

“The sulphur smell was incredibly strong, and even though it wasn’t hot, it was hard to breathe near the crater. 

“The sulphur here is always on fire, and at night you can see blue fire. 

“Miners work in subhuman conditions to take sulphur and sell it for a few cents. 

“They carry 80 kilos in slippers and without breathing masks.”