Amazing Offbeat

By Mikey Jones


A man has recreated one of the most epic moments of wold history – in Lego.

Photographer Benedek Lampert, 24, has built a copy of the Apollo 11 moon landing and Saturn space rocket made entirely using the popular children’s building blocks.

At first glance, his recreation could be mistaken for a photograph of the famous scene – but on closer inspection, the rocket is actually made from bricks and the clouds from the rocket jets nothing more than cotton wool.



The spot-the-difference project took Benedek hundreds of hours to complete as he had to copy each minute detail of the landing site and rocket with original photos for reference.

He said: “I’m a huge fan of space industry especially of the Moon landing.”

Benedek added that his friends and family also love his recreations which took him just a few weeks to build.

He said: “Fortunately they like it. I was always curious about the people’s reactions but usually they give me a positive feedback so I’m really glad.

“The biggest compliment was when some of them have written to me that they thought at the first sight my Saturn V picture is the real archive one.”