By Dan Coles


A genius dad who couldn’t get to McDonalds for his kids thought on his feet and made his own makeshift Happy Meal that his kids LOVED.

Dad, Andy Coffey, 34, a driving instructor from Suffolk, has always struggled to get the tasty takeaway favourite because his closest McDonalds branch is 13 miles away from his house.

The dad of two nipped into town for his kids Alannah, six, and Kahlan, four, but when they desperately wanted to have McDonalds for lunch Andy ran to Iceland and Poundland to buy his own McDonalds ingredients and a toy to add to his self-named “McDaddy Meal”.


The meal took him 30 minutes to make, he used grease proof paper in his kitchen to make chip packets and burger raps then popped them all into a couple of paper bags and presented them to his kids, who couldn’t get enough of the meals.

Andy said: “The kids wanted a McDonalds but the closest one is 13 miles away, it’s quite rural round here so we can’t always get them one.

“I popped into town and picked up a couple of toys, ran into Iceland and grabbed a few burgers and whacked it all together.

“I used the grease proof paper and a bit of tape to keep them all together and there we had it.

“The kids loved it because it all came in a bag, they found their chips, burger and toy and ate the lot.

“It was all freshly made so it was healthier than the original takeaway and all together it only cost me £3.”


The crafty dad was asking his kids what they wanted for lunch last week on November 16 [SAT] but he knew he couldn’t get the lunch they were pining after.

Andy said: “My wife had to come home from work because she was a little under the weather so I was left to my devices on daddy duty to get lunch sorted.

“It was actually really easy to make, and my daughters had a lot of fun opening it all so maybe that’ll be the plan in the future when they want a McDonalds.

“It was much cheaper and probably better for them, the toy really sold it though.”