Amazing Video

By Jack Mobley


This professional jet skier terrific tricks and skills are adrenaline-pumping and has been pushing the limits of the sport with the world’s first tail whip.

Neils Willems, 23, has been practicing his freestyle tricks on his jet ski for 12 years, beginning as an 11-year-old in his hometown of Viersel, Belgium.

Since turning professional at the age of 16, Neils has been mastering his art as a jet ski performer and competitor with some outrageous tricks.

Some of the tricks that Neils perform are gravity-defying such as the backflips and 360s, launching himself and jet ski off the water and propelled into the air.

Neils has been breaking new ground with the world’s first tail whip, a trick that sees the entire jet ski rotate 360 degrees while he holds onto the handlebars in a stationary position before landing back on the seat.

The sport has taken Neils all over the world including Russia, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Portugal among other countries.

Neils said: “I love the adrenaline and our freestyle-community.

“Thanks to jet-skiing I’ve met the best of friends during the last years. For me freestyle jet-skiing is a way of art/expression.

“Every rider has his own style and tries to push the limits of our sport.

“I have one word: passion, I am living the dream!

“It requires a lot of training and the harmony between the jet ski and the rider.

“Of course, our jet ski has some modifications to perform those tricks: first of all, we have a 1200cc engine, footholds, adjustable handle bars and a 23kg carbon hull.”