Amazing Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto


This is the incredible moment a gymnast balanced upside down between two walls by using only the strength of her legs.

Kemistri Blake, 33, is a gymnast, dancer and contortionist from Las Vegas, Nevada, and on October 10, she was filmed in an impressive situation.

Using her powerful legs to push against each surface and hold herself up, the 33-year-old gymnast looked like a superhero as she held perfectly still in place over the pavement below her.

Kemistri, who quit her job and started exercising to become a circus performer at the age of 28, said: “In high school I ran track, but aside from that, I never voluntarily played any other sports.

“When I became interested in contortion, I started taking yoga classes in order to help me with my flexibility.

“Now I dedicate all of my efforts towards becoming a better contortionist and hand-balancer.

“The video only runs for thirty seconds, but I was actually able to hold this position for two minutes.

“My legs and gluteal muscles have to work extremely hard in order to stay in this position.”