Life Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A fried chicken superfan dined out on a KFC diet for a week straight and actually ended up losing weight.

Mike Jeavons loves the greasy fast food and decided to mirror popular documentary ‘Super Size Me’ for seven days and see if he still enjoyed the meal.

Travelling to his local KFC in Bedfordshire on an almost daily basis, the 34-year-old spent £105 over the whole experiment, and miraculously even managed to drop some weight.

Making his way through the entire menu, Mike only consumed 2000 calories per day on average, and managed to drop 2lbs over the seven days.

However, his salt intake increased to 150% of his recommended dietary allowance and his fat intake increased to a whopping 250%.

Mike said: “I love KFC and wanted to see if I’d still love it if it was all I ate for a week.

“After I stopped the experiment, the week after I felt constantly thirsty and had headaches. I also really missed KFC!

“It was a lot of fun eating all this naughty food. Every day I would be really looking forward to mealtimes!

“It’s great as an occasional treat, but not something I’d recommend eating every day! It was fun to do but I wouldn’t want to do it again!”