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By Joe McFarlane

A large and clumsy raccoon required help after finding herself in the peculiar surroundings of an elderly woman’s pink bathroom after she fell through the ceiling.

Brad Gates, 58, has worked as a wildlife control professional for over 35 years, with his job dropping him into some peculiar situations.

One such situation required Brad to enter an elderly woman’s bright pink bathroom in order to rescue a large and clumsy female Raccoon who had fell through the ceiling of the home in Markham, Ontario.

Entering the bathroom, Brad came across a lot of debris and damage due to the Raccoon’s dramatic fall, as well as the scared mammal hiding behind the toilet.

Using his 35 years’ worth of experience, Brad managed to skilfully remove the frightened Raccoon in a quick, stress-free rescue.

Brad said: “The Raccoon had crashed through the drywall ceiling while walking inside the attic and was found hiding behind the toilet with a massive hole in the ceiling above.

“The homeowner was very distressed knowing there was a Raccoon in her bathroom and that her ceiling now had a huge hole in it. She was also concerned about the Raccoon, hoping it wasn’t hurt.

“Once removed from the bathroom, the mother Racoon was placed up a tree.”