Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye

An inventive makeup artist created a psychedelic skull look using UV paint.

Rachelle Edgar is a freelance makeup from Waterford, Connecticut, seeking the most creative ways to use makeup to create illusions and cool effects.

On this particular project, the 33-year-old used bright and colourful UV paint to construct a skull shape on her head and face.

She began with the colours, using orange, yellow and green, before using the black to create the various lines and holes that would be seen on a skull.

Rachelle then attached a feather mohawk that resembles a native-American-style skull in all of its UV glory.

Rachelle said: “I absolutely love painting skulls and have never done a side view of one before on myself.

“I wanted to challenge myself to not only try a new view of a skull, but also try the new UV paints I had bought.

“Is my favourite design I’ve created.

“I was so pleased with how out it came out and how people reacted to it.”