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By Randal Coombs

A devoted dog owner has transformed an unused under stairs space into a bespoke dog home complete with toys, personalised signs and even a security camera.

Jersey is one lucky Goldendoodle, as owner Kimberly Lewis spent two weeks turning the empty space into a pooch’s paradise.

The 32-year-old spent two weeks decorating, fitting electrics and accessorising the space with tons of different toys with help from her husband.

Kimberly said: “I’m obsessed with Goldendoodles.

“Jersey absolutely loves it and I am so glad she does, it makes my heart so happy.

“She’s part of our family so I wanted her to have a room just as we all do in our house.

“From day one she went right in, and that really surprised me, I excepted her to be scared or not want to go inside.

“I feel like it made her first days of being home much easier, she seemed to really enjoy her space, like she felt safe and comfortable.

“She loves the toys on the wall and I change them out for her so she gets new ones and doesn’t get bored.

“We leave the door open unless we are gone and she just goes in and out of her room as she wishes.”

Some of the processes Kimberly had to go through included cutting the door in, mounting switch box and running electrical, sheetrocking the interior walls and laying flooring.

She said: “It was actually a lot of fun.

“Seeing my dream come to a reality was really neat, the further we got the more excited we became.

“The process started by sketching out our idea of the house on the blank wall and then construction started.

“I still look at pictures of her house completed and can’t believe it’s her house, I just adore it.”

As well as the multitude of toys in there, the roof features a custom head piece which looks just like Jersey and a security camera so Kimberly can talk to her when she’s not home.

Kimberly said: “Besides working in a small space, I would say working with the existing angle of the stairs to give off the illusion of a roofline was the biggest challenge.

“No-one made a door to fit a dog house like this so we had to custom build the door that  was a bit of a challenge making a tiny door that looks to scale of a real sized door.”

To see more from Jersey and Kimberly go visit their Instagram : @jersey.the.goldengirl