Life Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A friend beat his rival in a swimming contest by hopping out of the pool and running to the finish, unbeknownst to the runner-up.

When Fadhloon Sayyid Mohammed, 17, bet his friend Anas Ali, 18, that he could beat him in a swimming race, he had a sure-fire way to win.

As the pair hopped into the pool in Mombasa, Kenya, Fadhloon quickly hopped back out and ran the length of the pool to the finish before Anas knew what had happened.

Anas couldn’t believe that his friend beat him, so the pair raced again, with the exact same result due to Fadhloon and his hilarious cheating ways.

Fadhloon said: “My friend never knew about the cheating.

“He was shocked to see me win.

“It was only afterwards that I explained how I won.”