Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley


A pair of pals celebrated rainfall by barefoot skiing though mud behind a mini tractor.

Spike Wilton, 52, and his mate Ray, 57, were visiting their friend’s drought-hit farm in Nyngan, New South Wales, on November 5 when the heavens opened.

With just 50ml of rain falling, the previously dry ground quickly turned to mud and the pair who should know better decided to have some fun.

Taking off his shoes, Spike held on to the back of a John Deere gator as Ray drove off, surfing through the mud before falling on his backside and being dragged along.

Spike said: “Ray & I have been visiting this property for over 30 years chasing pigs.

“The drought they’ve been experiencing is pretty confronting for me, let alone a harsh daily reality for the farmers.

“I was stoked to see the rain and it was pretty bloody exciting for the farmers.

“This small downpour lifted spirits a little but is far from breaking the drought.

“I love making other people laugh.”