Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto

A domino lover spends days building complex structures of bridges and arenas, only to knock them over in a matter of seconds.

Developer and analyst Benjamin Crouzier, from Paris, France, has become Internet-famous thanks to the complex structures which he builds using thousands of small wooden planks.

The 30-year-old works for days on end on his creations, which comes in different shapes such as bridges, buildings and arenas.

He then tears down his constructions in the space of a few seconds by using the planks to trigger a domino effect.

Benjamin said: “I started making dominoes when I was five and my parents bought me and my brother some Kapla planks for Christmas.

“We never had enough because we always wanted to build bigger things, so every Christmas we ordered 200 to 1000 extra planks.

“The longest I have ever spent on a single construction is four days.

“There is a lot of stuff that I still want to try, like big Roman-style bridges.

“I want to try doing a big Colosseum with four pillars, then destroying two opposite pillars and seeing the Colosseum topple as it loses its balance.”