Amazing Life

By Aliki Kraterou


A couple of backpackers have converted their van into a ‘home on wheels’ so their baby could travel with them safely – and they’ve been travelling around the UK and France.

Sarah McWilliams, 34, and her partner Neil Quantrill, 38, from Weymouth, Dorset, have been travelling to different countries all over for the past 10 years so when their baby boy Reggie Mac was born in September last year, they didn’t want to stop them from exploring new places.

The couple bought their Volkswagen Transporter T5 in 2013 for £8000 and spent about £1000 to put some basic extras like a bed and a storage place.

Since then they have visited many locations in the UK, such as New Forest, Hampshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Lake District, and Peak District and even Wales, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal and Croatia.




Sarah said: “In recent years and after having done our time living out a backpack we decided to buy a home on wheels.

“Last year we had a gorgeous baby boy and our adventure became even more exciting.

“We don’t want to stop travelling and exploring just because we have a baby so we instead adapted our van and had some epic adventures in the UK and France.

“The first time we did it, we worried whether it would be too much for him, if he was going to be warm enough, all those questions all new parents ask themselves anyway.

“But he was fine, he slept better in the van than he does at home- we said we are going to go away all the time, if he’s going to sleep better!

“He has now adapted to van life perfectly.

“We used to go off grid all the time and I think the biggest thing was to see if we were brave enough to do that with Reggie and we were and it was fine- I think babies just adapt to what you do.

“We choose not to stay in campsites and prefer to wild camp in the woods, next to lakes, on beaches and in mountains – we’ve just always made sure we were prepared.

The pair have now swapped their van for a bigger one and they are planning to transform it fully and eventually take their first big trip to Morocco.

Sarah added: “After our recent travels to France and it being a bit of a squeeze, we decided to look for a bigger van but still small enough to be ‘stealthy’.

“We have found the perfect home ‘to be’ on wheels and have just started the conversion we have big dreams and are going to do as much of the conversion as we can ourselves to save cost but also use the experts where we need. “