Life Video

By Hollie Bone


This bizarre dashcam footage shows a scammer’s apparent attempt at a cash for crash compensation job – by throwing himself onto the bonnet of a stationary car.

The shocked anonymous driver came to a stop when he saw the man stumbling in the road as he drove to work with a pal at 6am on November 1 in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts.

Initially the pair thought the man was drunk, until he threw himself onto their car’s bonnet and appeared to slowly fall to the floor and pretend to be rendered unconscious.

The workmates were left even more stunned when two security guards proceeded to drag the man out of the road and gestured to the motorist to carry on driving.

The computer technician, 49, from Sutton-in-Ashfield, said: “I was driving along and I saw the car ahead put on the brakes so I slowed down, but I came to a stop when I saw him in the road – I thought he was drunk.

“He put his hands on the bonnet and then slowly fell to the floor.

“I was about to reverse and full beam him but then two security guards came along and started dragging him out the road.

“It was definitely an attempt to get some compensation, he was trying some sort of scam but he didn’t do it very well.”

The stunned driver initially laughed at the strange situation but after arriving at work he began to realise how serious it could have been.

As he was travelling past a mental health hospital at the time, he began to suspect the man in the road could have been a patient.

He said: “We just sat there in shock and wondered if he could be one of the patients from the hospital.

“It was quite funny at first because it was so ridiculous but when I got to work I watched the footage and I realised it could have been a lot worse.

“He could have started smashing up my car or anything.”

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the Millbrook Mental Health Unit, declined to comment on the footage.