Amazing Animals Nature Video

By Jack Mobley

An alligator park have revealed that they are caring for three adorable albino alligators – one quarter of the world’s population.

Savannah Boan is an enrichment coordinator for Gatorland, based in Orlando, Florida and has recently released a video with the three baby gators in their care.

The pale white alligators, who are yet to be named, are two-months-old and have a pink/white complexion as they squeak and chirp at their handlers.

These are some of the rarest alligators in the world as Savannah estimated that there are around 12 left in the world.

Savannah said: “Albino alligators are quite rare and require special care in order to survive.

“Gatorland has been caring for albino alligators as well as Leucistic alligators – there are about 12 in the world –for over 15 years now.

“They are pretty much some of the most beautiful animals in the world.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes and I fell in love immediately.”