Life Video

By Jack Mobley

This man was heading out into the cold when he stepped off his porch and onto ice resulting in a hilarious slip.

Winter has hit Salt Lake City, Utah, and no one knows it more than Wesley Elmore, who caught by his doorbell cam, slipping on some ice in front of his home.

Wesley, 18, was leaving home to go to school on the morning of November 2 when his doorbell cam switched on and began recording.

Wesley stepped off his dry porch but as soon his foot touch the path, his legs gave way leaving him on the floor in a banana-skin-slip.

Wesley said: “I was leaving to school that morning and it had snowed the night before, I didn’t see the ice patch at the bottom of the stairs and wham!

“It happened about 8o’clock in the morning and I was heading out to take a test at school.

“If you look really closely, you can see I landed right on my ankle, it hurt so bad!

“My ankle was swollen and I could barely walk on it that day and into the next.

“My instant reaction was ‘wow that happened fast and my ankle hurts so bad’, it happened so fast I really didn’t even have time to think!”