Life Video

By Jack Mobley

A man trying VR for the first time didn’t seem to enjoy his experience playing an immersive horror game as he screamed from the jump-scares.

Frank Bakes was showing his friend, Craig, the wonders of virtual reality with the game ‘Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood’ on November 9 in his apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Craig where’s the VR headset as a stream of what he is seeing is being broadcasted to the TV, showing the horrors that Craig is facing.

The game is scary enough on its own to provoke a hilarious jump-scare from Craig, nearly jumping out of his chair and losing the headset entirely.

But his friends help in getting extra screams from Craig, pinching and tapping him during intense moments in the game.

Frank said: “We are all best friends and we always crack up like this when we hang out.

“Craig is the most jump-scare prone person I’ve ever met, it’s a bodily reaction he can’t help even if he knows it’s coming.

“It’s like a perfect scream straight out of a horror movie you can get any time.”