Life Video

By James Somper


A daredevil boy racer was nearly crushed after his go-kart fell on top of him during a race – but walked away with just a scratch.

Max Horlor, 8, was racing at the Llandlow circuit in South Wales as part of the Daniel Ricciardo Karting Series when his kart crashed into a wall at 45mph.

The schoolboy, from Balsall Common, Warwickshire, rolled the kart onto his head and miraculously walked away from the crash – which wrote off kart – with a scratch and minor bruising.

The racer’s dad Duncan, 42, says Max was left unscathed thanks to his-state-of-the-art Arai helmet.

He said: “Max was having a good day.

“He had qualified 3rd overall in the morning, but had some engine trouble in the first race so fell down the order at the start.

“He was making his way back to the front and after overtaking one of the slower drivers, Max got squeezed off the track and crashed into the wall, flipping the kart.

“I saw the crash and they don’t get much worse than that.

“Max hit the curb, then the plastic barrier and went from 45mph to stationary causing him to go up in the air and flip upside down.

“All of the impact was on his head and shoulder, Max and the kart weight 107 kilos and his helmet took to brunt of that weight and impact.”

Duncan and another parent immediately ran out onto the track, closely followed by the Daniel Ricciardo Team and the paramedics.

Describing the shocking moment, Duncan said: “My heart was in my mouth. As soon as I saw it happen I jumped off the fence and ran over to him.

“When I went over I could hear him crying, which was a welcome noise, so I relaxed a bit and managed to talk to him calmly.

“His leg was trapped under the car and one of the other dad’s and I untangled it and we got the kart off him.

“The paramedics checked him over, asking where he was hurting and he said all he wanted was a cuddle from his daddy.

“Really got away with it, he had some minor bruising and a graze on his shoulder and had some minor shock. After a thorough check over in the ambulance, he was given the all clear.

“It could have been much worse. I’m 100% convinced that his Arai helmet saved his life.”

Duncan added that the crash hasn’t dented Max’s dogged determination one bit but that he was a bit nervous in his first race following the crash.

He said: “He was meant to be swimming at school the following day. I didn’t think he would be, but it turned out he swam using just one arm as he didn’t want to miss out, he’s quite resilient.

“A week after the accident, Max was back out testing and was straight back to being really quick, right from the first session”

“In his first race back in the seat, his confidence has been knocked a bit too, he was backing off and pulling out moves he normally wouldn’t think twice about, but luckily that didn’t last long, because as soon as it was time for qualifying he was back to his normal self and fighting to get to the sharp end of the grid.

“As for what the future holes, as long as he enjoys his racing I’m happy. There are a lot of pushy parents out there, who do it for themselves, rather than for their child, but we do it for fun and I get just as much out of seeing him race, than I did when I was racing myself.”

Max is currently raising £1,000 to replace his kart. You can donate here: