Amazing Video

By Randal Coombs


An unlucky dog couldn’t play with its favourite ball as it was frozen to the ground.

The unfortunate canine, Boston terrier Manson, was in Kimberly Brown’s back yard after a snow fall on November 7 in Saskatoon, Canada, searching for some playtime.

But Manson was met with a frozen tennis ball that had become stuck in the ground due to the icy conditions.

Manson tried picking his favourite ball up in his mouth with no success then began scratching at the ball to no avail.

Manson even looks back at Kimberley as she watches on and Manson continues to struggle.

Kimberley said: “As soon as I let him outside that day he knew immediately where he had left the ball the night before.

“Our morning routine almost always consists of a few rounds of fetch. So he sprinted off to the ball, tried to pick it up, and couldn’t.

“He was already digging and pulling at it when I got back there.

“After I dislodged it, which wasn’t easy I might add, he happily snatched it away and we played some fetch.

“He’s a huge fan of tennis balls, has been from the time he was a puppy, but for some reason this one in particular he formed a special connection with.

“I’ve tried replacing it with a brand new one a few times but he always goes back to this one.”