Life Offbeat

By William Lailey and Lucy Notarantonio


A mum-of-two has opened a quirky INDOOR caravan park – and at just £49 per night, her business is booming.

Emma Reynolds, 34, decided that basic hotels were  ‘overpriced’ so began researching how to make a trip to Bristol more appealing by offering a ‘reasonably priced’ alternative.

The former social worker had a career swap whilst on maternity with her first-born Clio, three, and spotted a gap in the market.

Located right in the city centre, no one would guess that inside the warehouse there’s a mini caravan park.

But after starting her business two years ago, Emma says her quirky venture has been a huge success.

With five vintage caravans, she claims they reach full capacity every weekend, attracting visitors of all ages.

The mum-of-two, said: “Our goal is to take under-appreciated buildings in great destinations and infuse them with a little bit of soul, so you can have an alternative to the standard hotel experience at more affordable prices.

“I am originally from Great Yarmouth and worked on a caravan park when I was a teenager, so I suggested a caravan park.

“It brings a sense of nostalgia and I imagine it is the same for other people who used to visit caravan sites as a child.

“It is different, and we are breaking the conventional camping trip rules – it doesn’t

have to be outdoors and you can camp in the city.

“After researching and asking friends what they think, we decided to go ahead as many thought it was a great idea – they have previously paid up to £150 for one night in a basic hotel that requires a taxi to the city centre.

“We aren’t claiming to be a fancy five star hotel, it is more like a private room stay in a hostel.

“Whilst on maternity leave, I was thinking about how I can work without physically having to leave my children for 40 plus hours per week.

“This new business venture was perfect for me as my previous job in social work can be difficult due to the world we live in

“After I had my children, my outlook changed and shifted.

“My partner Freddy Wyatt, 34, and I saw a warehouse to let and I thought it would be cool to try something new.”

Two of the five caravans have a small double bed and cost no more than £49 per night and the others with a king size bed are £57 at most.

There is a communal area with a pool table and a DVD collection for those who may want to watch TV in their caravan.

She said: “Before we opened, I thought it would mainly be 18-21 year old visitors but we have all ages.

“There is something here for everyone, some guests are working in Bristol so opt for a cheaper stay whilst others are stag or hen parties.

“I love meeting different people and making their time in Bristol the best it can be.

“I love the creativity of our caravan park; we are always evolving to make it better.

“We are currently in the process of opening a bigger caravan park in Bristol due to popular demand.”


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