Amazing Life

By Dan Coles


Marathon man Nick Butter has just completed a mission to run a 26 mile race in every country in the world.

Nick, from Dorset, completed a marathon in Greece yesterday [SUN], completing a two-year challenge that saw him run in every one of the world’s 196 countries and smash eight world records.

Nick Butter, 30, was working in the finance world when a chance encounter occurred, and he met a man called Kevin Webber, who has terminal bowel cancer and inspired him to follow his dreams.

Nick has spent the last two years running around erupting volcanoes, getting robbed at gun point, knife point, being shot at, broken bones, ran with thousands of supporters and was even bitten by a stray dog so bad that he had to return to the UK for treatment.

Amazingly, he has just completed his final marathon in Greece, and has ran 196 marathons in the same amount of countries, all in the name of Prostate Cancer UK – becoming the first person ever to do it.

Nick said: “I was running a marathon in the Sahara Desert about five years ago and I met Kevin Webber who had terminal cancer, he told me not to wait for a diagnosis before following my dreams.

“I quit my job in banking, it was a light bulb moment where I knew I had to do bigger things, but I wanted to do something big enough to raise enough money to make a significant difference with prostate cancer.

“It took two years to plan, which was probably one of the hardest parts of all of it.

“It didn’t start as I thought it would, I broke my foot just before starting so that delayed it initially, but I started in Canada, it was horrible and freezing but I met some amazing people.

“I got to Miami and it was just torrential rain all the time, then to Cuba where I was detained, then Haiti where I was getting mugged everywhere I was running.

“At the time you just get through it, it’s all to do with endurance so no matter what gets thrown at you, you just have to put one foot in front of the other.

“In Cuba all I could think of was if they kept me there much longer, I would’ve missed my next flight and messed up the schedule.

“Being in Syria, Iran and Libya was scary and it was so extreme getting there.

“I had a particularly dangerous mugging in Nigeria when someone held a knife to me which was horrible.

“I have been chased by dogs, I’ve run with food poisoning, a kidney infection, a cold and vomiting almost 20 times in one day.

“I broke my arm when getting hit by a car then in Yemen I was worried I would get detained and not see the light of day for years.

“The driver that was taking me over the boarder at one in the morning was trying to smuggle narcotics, which I didn’t know until we were surrounded my 20 men holding AK47s.

“It’s those things that you don’t think about, running is the easy bit but it’s the dangerous places, illness, dehydration and crime that will catch you out.

“I have had some amazing moments though, seeing some of the most beautiful parts of the world whilst doing these marathons.

“I have met thousands of incredibly generous people who gave me water, food, and even a place to stay when I needed.

“In El Salvador, I was met by 1000 supports who ran with me, a famous sculptor made me a trophy for me, other people made me medals with my face on them and the minister of sport came out to see me.

“In Savannah I ran around an erupting volcano and we did this beautiful running circuit around it.”

Nick started his enormous challenge two years ago, he has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on his travels for accommodation, visas, medication and hundreds of trainers.

He decided to do this because of man he met who had terminal cancer, which led to Nick completely changing his lifestyle and focussing his time on what he was passionate about.

Nick said: “This whole experience has been life changing, and I hope I have made everyone who believed in me proud, especially Kevin.

“I remember it all the time and tell as many people as I can, you may feel comfortable, but being comfortable isn’t always the same as being happy.

Nick finished his inspiring challenge on November 14, in Athens, Greece, breaking a world record for most countries to have run a marathon in.

Nick said: “This whole experience has been life changing, and I hope I have made everyone who believed in me proud, especially Kevin.

“Crossing the line with Kevin was a really special, we didn’t know if he would still be here to see me finish so to finishing hand-in-hand has made it all worthwhile.

“I have a complete mix of emotions right now, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions and It hasn’t set in yet, but when it does, I’ll realise what I have just done.

“It’s weird thinking my next plane will be to go home and not to another country for a marathon but I’ve raised nearly £100,000 for Prostate Cancer UK and with my book out next year it’ll hopefully be more.

“I have another expedition that I’m about to start, it’s a decade in the making and I’ll reveal it soon.”

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