Amazing Life Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto


This is the adorable moment a toddler performed a mock firefighter intervention after complaining he could not join his dad on a call.

Three-year-old Asher Shell, from Wellington, Florida, went to visit dad Christopher, 34, at the station where he works as a firefighter, and was not happy about having to stay at the building when Chris left on a call.

It was then that Asher’s parents decided to use a mini car, a firefighter costume and a dummy to let him perform a fake intervention.

On November 3, Asher came down his house’s driveway on a mini firefighter car with brother Ari, 5, at the wheel, jumped on to the ground, used a hose to put out a small contained fire his parents had made and finally performed CPR on the dummy following his dad’s instructions.

“I want to do it again!” Asher is heard saying as soon as the exercise is over.

Mum Jenna Shell, 32, said: “This was the first time we did any sort of scenarios with him.

“Being a firefighter is all he talks about.

“We already owned the costume and the mini car which we had bought for Halloween, and the dummy we used is from the CPR classes that my husband teaches.”