Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto


A group of friends have invented a hilarious party game which consisted in tying balloons to their ankles and letting a dog chase them around to pop them.

Noel and Melissa White invited a group of friends to their house in Lehi, Utah, for a Halloween party on October 25.

Guest Danielle Figueroa came up with an ingenious way to get pooch Gaia, four, involved in the celebrations.

After tying an orange balloon to each person’s ankle, the group let Gaia chase them around to pop them, and the last of the friends to have their balloon still intact would win the game.

The adorable pooch seemed to love the idea and enthusiastically chased everyone around the living room for several minutes.

Danielle said: “The rules are simple, don’t let Gaia pop the balloon tied to your ankle.

“Whoever has their balloon popped last wins.

“Gaia absolutely loves balloons if you can’t tell, that helped with making the game a success.”