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By Jess Grieveson-Smith


An stunning bodybuilder has been dubbed ‘SUPERWOMAN’ thanks to only ONE rest from workouts per week.

Emily Hackett, from Chatham, Kent has spent over £5000 on bodybuilding competitions alone, including her outfits, registrations and coaching.

Yet Emily, 27 has completely transformed her body to become toned and stronger – with over 6 workouts per week, giving herself only ONE rest day per week.

Able to lift around 130 kilos in a deadlift, Emily can even squat 120 kilos – a skill she’s very proud of.

Emily’s sculpted physique has led to strangers comparing her to superheroes.

She said: “Before finding my passion for the gym I was very unhealthy, a party girl who loved the university lifestyle, and was always out.

“I lived on microwave meals and even when I went to dance school, I ended up being skinny but with no strength at around eight stone and I was fixated on the scales.

“But I started working at a personal training gym in 2016, and decided to train in becoming one myself.

“I had done cheer-leading and dance but I wanted to do something for me – and I wanted to empower other women.

“That’s when I began transforming my entire body, now my goal is to win the world title for bodybuilding – and also help others get there.

“Physically, there might be others who are fitter, but I eat, sleep and breathe this industry.

“Day one sees me training legs, then day two is shoulders, chest and triceps, before day three becomes glutes and hamstrings.

“Day four I rest. Then it’s back and biceps, before day six kicks off with glutes and hamstrings, before day seven becomes upper body circuit.

Emily, along with her boyfriend Ross Cowan, 32 even runs her own online coaching company known as BTA. fitness, in Chatham, Kent, in the hope to inspire others.

Ross added: “Fitness is now a lifestyle for both of us – we train, we eat, we work together.

“Our dream is to help women maximise their potential by teaching them how to build a body they truly love.

“That’s what our company is all about.

“After beginning to train as a personal trainer, I met Emily and it was an instant, really good connection.

“Emily’s success at body building inspired me – she weight trains every day, and has HIIT cardio four times a week.”

Emily’s success has even helped Ross as the pair took home silver for Pure Elite World Championships Couples 2017 – an impressive feat for a pair only in their first year of competing.

Emily’s own list of competition wins extend to snagging Pure Elite World Championships Fitness Model 2016 when she initially began, and competing for them as a pro.

Tackling an intense training and diet regime, Emily has now even gone pro – debuting at WBFF – World Beauty Fitness Fashion – in the Pro Fitness Diva category after winning entry in 2018.

Emily’s standard training regimes include only one rest day, with the schedule shifting to become even more intense when she approaches competition time.

Emily further added: “I do flexible dieting, after I used to use extreme diet protocols but I still eat what I enjoy, like burgers and popcorn.

“Now I get a much better result by putting less stress on my body and taking a flexible dieting approach.

“I’m now a coach myself and have people competing – I’ve learnt you don’t have to do extremes, running your body into the ground – you need to make sure you feel your best and that’s what I’m doing now.”




Food plan for comp prep

Meal 1 – Oats, almond milk, blueberries & cashew nuts – black coffee

Meal 2 – Singapore noodles, turkey mince, green veggies

Meal 3 – 2 blueberry and vanilla rice cakes with chocolate nut butter

Meal 4 – Alpro yogurt with berries

Meal 5 – Beef mince meal with white rice and veggies

Meal 6 – bowl of honey nut cheerios