video advert

By Charles Wade-Palmer

A film student has channelled his inner Jeremy Lark-son to sell his old family car.

Harry Ainsworth, 20, decided he was never going to be able to shift his 2002 Toyota Yaris without having a laugh in making a video advert or it.

Having been in the family since brand new, Harry has listed the 15-year-old hatchback on Ebay for £350 and satirically celebrates its top speed of 40mph in his homemade advert.

Harry said: “Essentially it was a mixture of doing it for a laugh and genuinely wanting to sell the car.

“I’m constantly looking for excuses to make videos and so when dad said he wanted to sell the car I persuaded him to let me make a video to accompany it.

“I tried to mix honesty with humour so people hopefully know what they’re getting themselves in for!

“Having said that, other than the dodgy paintwork and a few other dents and dings, the car is pretty sound.”

The hilarious advert which already has 15,000 views on Facebook looks to be working as views for the car’s Ebay listing have rocketed to their thousands.

Harry who is originally from Bath but studying film at Royal Holloway, University of London in Surrey has taken it upon himself to sell the old wheels passed down by his grandmother.

He said: “Our eBay listing is at 2000 views already which is more than I’ve seen, but I’m totally unsure how it’s going to go.

“I wrote a script and rallied together camera equipment from my friend and just got going!

“The best selling features of the car have to be it’s size and it’s looks. The size makes its super convenient to nip about in and I think for a 15 year old car it’s retained a somewhat modern look…I think.”

“The car has been in our family since new, my grandma owning it first and then us buying it off her for my older sister to drive.

“It’s been passed down ever since as a family treasure

“We’re selling it because there’s little use for it now my siblings and I are all grown up and moving out.

“Another slightly newer one has been bought also in case we need to use a car when we’re home.”

This is not the first time Harry has turned to video to advertise something.

His video to attract a new housemate to his student digs racked up a huge 120,000 views and he and his mates ended up holding interviews for the room.

Using the same sarcastic tone that worked so well last time, Harry’s advert for the three door Toyota with 94,500 miles on the clock comes across as a Top Gear spoof.

Harry said: “I did make a video looking for a housemate that blew up more than I ever expected! After many offers we all decided on a person that some of us had met before and liked.

“Just like the housemate video, I didn’t have any idea whether there would be a good reception or whether people would be bothered to watch it.

“I suppose both videos had a purpose in trying to advertise something, and so with both as long as I ensured we got a housemate and hopefully sell this car then I’m happy!”

Harry used his contacts to use a song from the band Airways for his somewhat unique advert.

Alex Ruggiero from Airways said: “When Harry asked me to use our song, I saw the video and it was hilarious so we had to let him use it!

“The video is jokes and I think someone should buy his car”

The Ebay description for the car reads: “The time has come to sell the beloved little red car that has been in our family from new.

“I was both thrilled and horrified at the prospect of saying goodbye: I have to let her go but, on the upside, I got to make a video giving you some info!1!1!

“If you would like to have some more stuff beyond the Ebay listing I can send you some personally here, but the car will reside at home while I’m at uni so unless you’re a fellow student at Royal Holloway looking for a cheap car for next year/summer (in which instance I’d highly recommend messaging me) then find the Ebay link below and message there if you want anything further:”