Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A playful Pitbull prefers a game of hide and seek instead of fetch in his down time.

While most dogs like to chase after toys thrown for them, Bronx the Bluenose Pitbull much prefers trying to find his owner Trenton Terrell in various hiding places.

Playing in a Temecula, California, backyard, Bronx eagerly sniffs around trying to find Trenton, who can’t contain his happiness while hiding.

Always managing to eventually locate Trenton, Bronx has become quite the hide and seek pro.

Trenton said: “At first I was curious as to why Bronx never picked up the ball when I’d try to play fetch with him.

“He would just run to the ball and turn around and walk back to me, then I would have to go pick up the ball myself.

“Then I realised that as a puppy he used to live in a small apartment so he never really had the space to get out and run to play fetch.

“So, as an alternative to finding fun, my niece would throw the ball down the hallway and into a room so Bronx would have to run and search for the ball.

“By the time he would find the ball, my niece would be hiding out of sight, so he would know to come back and start searching for her!

“I put it together that he doesn’t know fetch but he knows and absolutely loves hide & seek. I’ve been playing it with him ever since.

“When he finds me, he runs to me with a huge smile on his face & his tail cutting through the wind with excitement because he knows I’m giving him good boy pats whenever he finds me.”

And with all the hard work Bronx does as Trenton’s nephew’s service dog, he deserves his favourite playtime.

Trenton said: “He’s a very smart dog so he remembers where my favourite hiding spots are so I need to step my game up soon!

“Bronx is a great boy. He has been a Service Dog for about a year or two for my nephew, Amante.

“He is four-years-old and he has spinal muscular atrophy and his life has been unimaginable.

“As you could imagine taking care of a four-year-old with spinal atrophy is very tough in every aspect; physically, mentally and especially emotionally.

“The family have introduced Bronx into the picture to be a sense of relief for everyone in such a tough situation.”