Amazing Life

By Randal Coombs


A mini speed-demon has mastered the art of drifting at five-years-old in his children’s-sized car.

Antonio Ornelas has been drifting since the age of two and at five he can effortlessly perform miniature stunts in his garage in Sydney, Australia.

Mother and father, Jessica and Kevin, have been fostering his talents by constructing Antonio’s very own custom built vehicles including those that resemble a Lamborghini, Mercedes and Nissan.

Antonio can smoothly manipulate the direction of the car to execute the right amount of oversee to begin the drifting.

The clips show Antonio park into tight spaces without stopping, slaloming between cones and even slipping under the legs of his dad.

Jennifer said: “Antonio was driving at two with a standard electric car and already showing ability to steer and by the age of three he asked his dad in the exact word ‘faster daddy’ so for the next 6 months we progressed slowly with making the cars faster.

“By the age of three and half he started doing donuts 360 degrees then we set up two markers roughly the distance of the car.

“His precision and control all via just a steering wheel and accelerator is unbelievable not so much a talent more of an instinct its second nature when you see his tricks it’s all him.”