By Joe McFarlane


An inventive artist uses sunlight in order to create incredible sun scorched portraits.

From an early age, Michael Papadakis, 32, has always been creative, but it wasn’t until he began travelling the world that he found his creative calling.

While travelling through Central Asia, Michael discarded his traditional paint brushes and pencils and decided to pioneer a different technique.

Using nothing more than a magnifying glass and concentrating the rays from the sun onto wood, Michael managed to create amazing scorched portraits.

Now working out of sunny Los Angeles, California, Michael continues to tell different stories through sunlight.

Michael said: “An average artwork can take anywhere from hours to weeks to complete. I use different sized lenses and magnifying glasses in order to focus the sun’s energy onto

a single point.

“The heat of the sun is so powerful it works from the moment the first ray crests the horizon until the moment the sun sets, all you need is a clear day.

“The process of using sunlight to create art works on many organic materials such as bread, cloth, leather, wood, glass, metal and even solid stone!”