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This hilarious video sees modern kids try the school dinners of the past – from liver and onions to spotted dick.

SunLife wanted to know what kids today would think of the school dinners British over-50s said they missed the most, so decided to put it to the test.

The results were mixed, with some of the youngsters having no idea what retro favourite spam fritters were and the spotted dick pud getting giggles for its seemingly rude name.

The cross-generational study showed the majority of over 50s look back fondly on their school dinners, while current school kids can’t seem to stomach theirs with 17 per cent saying they’d rather go hungry than eat a meal cooked by school.

According to the research, 71 percent of school-aged kids believe school dinners are far worse now than when their parents were at school.

And Jam roly poly and pink custard were the school dinner dishes Brits missed the most, while one in five want to bring back liver and onions and a quarter wish toad in the hole was still on the menu.

Meanwhile, Scouse, apple and crackers and tinned peas were voted the least favourite dishes of the past.

Half of the kids of today said they would rather have a packed lunch than sit down with a plate of school food, while a dramatic one in five even claim the meals their school serves are worse than PRISON food.

Ian Atkinson, marketing director at SunLife, said: “Our research reveals that while many of today’s school kids don’t like their school dinners, most over 50s remember theirs fondly.

“This either suggests they were better back then, or we are looking back at our school dinners – and our school days – with rose tinted specs and a huge helping of nostalgia!

“Plus, 71 percent of school kids say they think school dinners are far worse now than when their parents were at school, so we decided to put it to the test and get today’s school kids to try the school dinners over 50s say they miss the most.

“The results are quite surprising – watch the video to find out!”



  1. Jam Roly Poly 44 percent
  2. Treacle tart 30 percent
  3. Spotted dick 29 percent
  4. Rice pudding 28 percent
  5. Angel Delight 28 percent
  6. Custard 26 percent
  7. Lemon Meringue pie 25 percent
  8. Pink custard 24 percent
  9. Toad in the hole 24 percent
  10. Bubble and squeak 22 percent
  11. Steak and kidney pie 20 percent
  12. Liver and onions 20 percent
  13. Mince and potatoes 19 percent
  14. Ice cream scoop mash 19 percent
  15. Spam fritters 19 percent
  16. Lemon curd pie 17 percent
  17. Blancmange 17 percent
  18. Tapioca 15 percent
  19. Corned beef 14 percent
  20. Cauliflower cheese 14 percent
  21. Braised steak 13 percent
  22. Lancashire hot pot 12 percent
  23. Tinned peas 5 percent
  24. Apple with crackers 3 percent
  25. Scouse 3 percent