Life Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


A young couple have managed to create their dream kitchen – for only £500 thanks to creative hacks.

Kirsty Maycock, 31 and boyfriend John Mccall, 30, from Tamworth, Staffs, had a strict budget when it came to redecorating the family kitchen – but the pair were determined to make it look like a professional job.

Unable to afford a brand new design, Kirsty became inspired after joining a Facebook group and saw the recent craze of using vinyl for a quick, cheap makeover.

‘Wrapping’ their work surfaces and cupboards in new designs has given their tired kitchen a complete face lift.

Kirsty, an administrator said: “We’d been desperate to makeover the kitchen for ages.

“We’ve been in the house for three years and we’ve already redecorated the other rooms – but we are aware this isn’t our forever home so didn’t want to pour a load of money into it.

“So my boyfriend became determined, we’d be able to do it on a budget.

“He set it at £500 and we were determined to get our dream from that.

“Before, I’d absolutely hated it because even when you cleaned it, it didn’t look good – it wasn’t welcoming.”

John, a security door-fitter, who takes on DIY projects as a hobby, set out by himself but with additional help from Kirsty and his dad, Dave, AGE,  managed to skimmed the walls, repaint them and even remove old tiles and replace them.


Kirsty added: “Now it’s a warm, welcoming environment with even some little spotlights fitted.

“We used about ten rolls of vinyl which cost a tenner each from B&Q, using them over the existing worktops and cupboards.

“We only needed white paint to cover the walls, and the only new things we needed was a new sink, hob and cooker hood.

“Now, I’d spend all my time in the kitchen if I could.

“I never expected the response I got from it after I posted a photo online, but people are going mad for vinyl.

“It might not last as long but it enabled us to stick to our budget and it looks brilliant.

“It took John maybe about a month to complete because he was working just a few hours a day completely on his own.

“He even knocked out an archway and re-plastered it to open up the kitchen a bit.

“We both worked to put the vinyl on the cupboard doors and the work surfaces – it was a bit like applying a screen protector to a phone.

“We used the hair dryer to melt it a bit and wrapped it round the different surfaces but had to work to prevent bubbles.

“Now we’ve caught the decorating bug – the living room is next!”



Hob £95

Under cupboard lights £7

Spot lights £45

Tap £32

Sink £70

Cooker hood £60

Cupboard vinyl d c fix £40

Work top vinyl d c fix £30

Hob covers £20

Cupboard Handles £20

Wall mounted shelf £25

Red tiles £30

Floor tiles £60


TOTAL: £534