Life Video

By Neo Bye


A doting daughter surprised her mum by returning home unannounced while she was recovering from a car crash.

Baylee Reed, a 22-year-old college student at Texas A&M, travelled 1100 miles back home to Peoria, Arizona, to visit her recovering mother, Jennifer Reed, on October 25.

Jennifer was recovering from a head on collision with a truck which happened in January and had just undergone surgery to repair her hip, leaving her on crutches.

The video shows Baylee driving at the airport to meet her sister, Reagan, scheming their plan to surprise their mother.

Arriving back at the house, the pair decide Baylee will come in last to surprise Jennifer before entering the kitchen.

After Jennifer initially hesitates, she bursts with excitement and then the two embrace as she begins to cry seeing Baylee for the first time in six months.

Baylee said: “I live in Texas for school and they’re in Arizona and it’s hard to come back for just a weekend.

“I was feeling super excited and anxious, I was just hoping she hadn’t found out somehow, she has that mother’s intuition.

“We only planned it 3 days in advance, my dad texted me the day of her surgery asking if I wanted to surprise her and then he was able to book my flight that day.”