Amazing Life Video

By Jack Mobley


A student was able to see colour for the first time thanks to a surprise gift of Enchroma sunglasses from his teacher and classmates.

During an early childhood education class at the University of Rio Grande, Jackson, Ohio, Shannon French, 20, captured the moment that she and her peers surprised Seth Bledsoe.

The corrective colour glasses were purchased by all members of the class including teacher, Lynley Carey, on October 31.

Lynley then asked Seth to take a seat as she hands him the life-changing gift, mentioning that whoever receives the gift will drastically improve their ability to teach.

Seth begins to open the box, much to his bewilderment before eventually retrieving the branded box.

After reading the enclosed letter, Seth finally realised what the glasses will enable him to do, leaving him barely able to open he packaging.

He puts the glasses on and almost instantly begins crying due the overwhelming nature of the glasses, even some of his friends begin tearing up.

As Seth shakes with the glasses in hand, he tries to explain how amazing it is to see colour for the first time.

Shannon said: “Seth has the best heart and you could see the joy of this moment in the video.

“He is so happy and said it was crazy what he’s been missing out on seeing.

“Seth is unable to see red and green like how we see it.

“No one deserved this more than Seth, he never fails to put a smile on my or anyone else’s face.

“He is a blessing to our community and I am so lucky to be one of his best friends.

“The tears were definitely happy and our hearts are always full around Seth.”