By Mike Jones

Forget battered fish – this blackbird fancied a bit of battered newt for dinner!

PIC BY Warren Photographic / CATERS NEWS 

The hungry bird was on the prowl for tasty grub, and after spotting the newt swimming in a pond he dove down to nab it.

But not content with just catching the newt, the brutal bird went on to batter the salamander to death at the side of the pond, before flying off to tuck in.

PIC BY Warren Photographic / CATERS NEWS 

The violent scene was caught on camera by nature photographer Kim Taylor, as the bird swooped in for the kill in his back garden.

Kim, from Guildford, Surrey, said: “One day last week, my wife said she had seen a blackbird dive into the pond.

 PIC BY Warren Photographic / CATERS NEWS

“I was initially incredulous but after about half an hour of waiting, I saw it do just that.

“It stood on the edge of the pond, dived in and came out with a newt in its beak – which it proceeded to batter to death before flying off with it.

 PIC BY Warren Photographic / CATERS NEWS

“When I showed my pictures to family and friends, most people’s first reaction was ‘wow!’

“After googling ‘blackbird fishing for newts’, I haven’t found any other shots like this – I think mine are a first.

PIC BY Warren Photographic / CATERS NEWS 

“The pond was originally built for keeping fish, but maintaining clear water proved difficult and we could never see the fish – so we gave them to a friend and allowed the pond to be colonised by whatever came along.

“This proved to be dragonflies, damsel flies, whirlygig beetles, newts and many other creatures.”