Life Video

By Randal Coombs



Adorable twins gurgled and giggles as they recognised each other for the first time at three months old.


While Tyreunna Edmonson lay on her bed at home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on October 28 her baby boys Ky’aire and Zy’aire played with each other.


With dad Trey Cobbs, 18, holding Ky’aire in the air, the babbling brothers’ eyes widen and their grins stretch across their faces as they notice each other.


Unable to control their excitement, the pair drool uncontrollably while laughing along incessantly.


Tyreunna, 17, said: “Obviously they’ve seen each other before, but this was certainly the first time they’d recognised each other and had a reaction. 


“Ky’aire was so excited he just couldn’t stop dribbling.


“They absolutely love each other, always falling asleep together while holding hands.


“Now they’ve recognised each other once,  they can’t get enough of seeing each other.”