By James Somper


A daughter sent her dead dad a birthday card – and received a surprise reply.

Hollie Morgan, six, posted the handmade card to her dad Nigel, an army veteran, in heaven to mark his 47th birthday following his death in June 2018 from pneumonia.

A Royal Mail employee told the schoolgirl to put her address on the back of the letter to let her know if the letter was delivered to mark her dad’s birthday.

In a heart-warming twist, Hollie, from Widnes, Cheshire, received a reply from the postal company telling her the letter had been delivered after “avoiding stars and other galactic objects en route to heaven”.

Hollie’s mum Laura Allen, 32, said her little girl was ecstatic to get a reply from her beloved dad after she also sent up a special balloon to him for Christmas in 2018.

Laura said: “We’d heard about people doing similar sorts of things and though we’d give it a go.

“She wanted to wish her dad a happy birthday as he would have been 47 in October.

“Hollie sent up a special balloon in the colours of Liverpool FC, her dad’s favourite team, for Christmas but asked me if we’d be able to send a birthday card to him and I said I’m sure someone would be able to deliver it.

“She wrote it out and put ‘to dad in heaven’ on the envelope before we took it to the post office.

“The postmaster said it needed a special stamp on because it was going to heaven and told Hollie that she needed to write her address on the back. He said they would write to her to let it know it had arrived safely.”

Hollie’s dad, Nigel Morgan died in June 2018 after being struck by bronchial pneumonia. The war veteran had served in the Royal Logistic Corps in Northern Ireland, the first Gulf War and Bosnia.



Ever since Hollie has been speaking to her mum about her memories of her dad and at Christmas decided to send him a balloon in heaven.

With his birthday approaching, she decided it was only right to send him a special birthday card.

A few days later Hollie received a letter from Royal Mail confirming that the letter had been successfully delivered to heaven.

Laura said: “I got the post through the letter box and one of the letter’s had Hollie’s name on so I wasn’t sure what it was at first.

“She opened it and asked me to read it, she was so happy about it, it was wonderful.

“Despite her age she understands what’s happened and is very resilient about it all.

“She always talks about her dad and the things they did together and the games they played with each other.

“She was so happy when she received the reply and will definitely keep on sending them.

“I’m just so grateful to Royal Mail for replying. It made Hollie’s day and was such a nice thing to do, so whoever sent it, thank you so much.

“She thinks the postman took it to heaven. I think it’s helped her as she knows she can write to him and tell him things that are happening in her life.

“She knows that if she posts it, it will get to him.

“Despite that, she understands what’s happened and is very resilient about it all.