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By Josh Saunders

A little boy has defied doctors and relearned to walk after surviving third degree burns from his mother’s monstrous ex-boyfriend.


Korbin Edwards was being watched by Daniel Rose, 32, when the evil man put him into a bath of scolding water as a punishment for soiling his pants.

After being rushed into hospital with aggressive burns from his waist down, the two-year-old wasn’t expected to make it through the night.

The burns severely damaged his stomach and bowels forcing him to use an N-tube, a catheter and an IV for several weeks.


After surviving the worst of his injuries, doctors warned the tot would not walk again because of the severe damaged to his skin.

But miraculously, the little boy, now 6, pulled through and learnt to walk with his mum’s encouragement.

Mother DJ Gilbert, 34, from Kansas City in Missouri, USA, said: “I was really scared when I first saw his skin.

“It was bright red and white from where it was peeling off, large chunks of skin where missing.


“I found out he had third degree burns across half of his belly, all his waist, his genitals, butt and most of his legs.

“Doctors told me there was a chance he wouldn’t make it and that that if he did, he would need major skin grafting, as well as it being unlikely he would ever walk again.

“They thought it was a miracle that he had made it through and survived.

“But due to the severity of his burns, his bowels and stomach were messed up.


“He couldn’t eat, drink, go to the bathroom on his own or anything – it was very hard to watch.

“He needed a feeding tube, an IV and a catheter for three weeks, even then he couldn’t eat solids for a long time.

“But he kept getting better and better, and despite being told he may never walk again he’s proved everyone wrong, he is a very strong little boy.”

The mother-of-two had left her son in the care of her Rose in 2013, while she was at work.

She was horrified when she received a photo of her son with red marks that Rose claimed was a nappy rash.

She said: “I had known Daniel for 15-years, we had been dating for several months and he was taking care of Korbin when it happened.


“He called me at work to say that Korbin had a rash, I asked him to send me a picture and when I received it, Korbin was red from the mid belly down to his feet.

“When I got home he was lying on the couch, his skin was falling off, so I wrapped him in a blanket and drove him to hospital.”

Police investigations discovered that Rose had burned the boy in a bath of scolding water after he soiled his clothes.

DJ said: “He told me it was diaper rash but told the police that he thought Korbin must have fallen into the bath.

“We believe Daniel got mad because Korbin had soiled his pants and in anger Daniel had put him into the hot water.”

Mr. Daniel Rose, 32, of 7608 NW Milrey Rd, Kansas City, Missouri, was sentenced to 12 years in prison after being found guilty of first degree assault by Platte County Circuit Court, in August last year.

Platte County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Zahnd said at the time, “This is a truly heart-breaking case of child abuse.


“This child was undoubtedly screaming in pain when dunked in scalding water, but instead of immediately calling for medical attention, this defendant tried to cover his tracks.

“This young child will carry the physical and emotional scars of this awful crime for the rest of his life.”

Devastated DJ claimed there was nothing to suggest her ex had a violent nature.

She said: “I would never have thought he could have done something like this, there were no red flags to show that he would hurt me or the kids.

“He was in the army and people from the military are good guys, I thought he was a trustworthy person.”

Now Korbin has returned to normal life, he attends school and has overcame the worst of the night terrors that would plague him every night.

Thanks to counselling and support from his family, the little boy is expected to lead a normal life.


DJ said: “For a long time he didn’t want to go into the bathtub, he was in therapy for a couple of years and we’ve worked really hard with him.

“Now he has no problem at all, other than going into the downstairs bathroom as that’s where the incident happened.

“He had night terrors for such a long time, now he only has one or two a year opposed to every night before.”

To ensure his skin isn’t further damaged his mum still rubs lotion on his skin on a daily basis and ensures preventative measures are taken to avoid him being burned by the sun.

DJ said: “Now we just have to watch his scars, there’s one that bubbles, if it gets bigger or tightens he might need surgery to fix it.

PICS BY DJ SMITH / CATERS NEWS – Here is Daniel Rose 32, who dunked little Korbin in 2013 into a bath of scolding hot water and burned the lower half of his body.

“I was told by doctors that I don’t need to put the lotion on him anymore, but it’s just a habit and I’m hoping it will continue to help his skin even more.

“Other than the fact that I have to put more sunscreen on him and have him wear white pants to avoid burning his skin he is a great, perfectly normal kid.”

DJ says that now that Rose is behind bars she is looking forward to putting the ordeal behind her and moving on with her life.

She added: “I’m relieved the case is over now, I wished he was sentenced for long but I’m glad now that we can all start to move on and focus on Korbin’s future now.

“I think because of all the medication he was on at the time he doesn’t remember the attack, Korbin is like any normal little boy now.”