By Niamh Shackleton


A young woman says she fell pregnant due to popular detox tea brand ‘Bootea’ after claiming it counteracted her contraceptive pill.

Crystal George, 27, from Shefford, Bedfordshire, decided to start a ’14 day teatox’ before going on holiday with her partner, Mike Gray, 28, but says she had no idea it would affect her contraceptive.

After returning from her holiday, Crystal says she felt unwell and thought she’d caught an illness – but three months later Crystal discovered she was in fact 13 weeks pregnant.

After consulting her doctor, Crystal says she was told detox tea can flush out the digestive system with a laxative effect which can stop the pill from being absorbed into the bloodstream.

But after giving birth to Kovah January, 2017, now two, the mum-of-one says she’s now happier than ever with her surprise baby.

Crystal, an online influencer, said: “I had been taking the contraceptive pill since I was 17 years old and never had any issues with it.

“I took it religiously everyday so I was completely blindsided when my doctor told me I was pregnant.

“When I explained I’d taken Bootea in previous months, the doctor explained it was probably due to that flushing out my system with a laxative effect that my contraceptive pill failed.”

Crystal said: “In hindsight, Mike and I are over the moon to have our daughter Kovah, but at the time I found out I was pregnant it was a huge strain on both Mike and my mental health.

“We hadn’t been together long and I was petrified of what people thought of me falling pregnant so soon into a relationship, I didn’t even tell my own mum about my pregnancy until I was 20 weeks along.

“Mike and I had planned to start saving to travel around the world but all that changed when I fell pregnant.

“It was a really difficult time for both of us, but luckily we’ve come out the other side stronger as a couple and couldn’t imagine our lives without Kovah now.”

Crystal claims that there was no warning of the affect the tea could have on the contraceptive pill on the packaging or leaflet.

Following the birth of daughter Kovah, who’s now two, Crystal is now looking to raise awareness of the potential problems between the contraceptive pill’s effectiveness and detox teas.

She said: “I’d say to people to 100 per cent do your own research into detoxing if you are considering it; but honestly a shift in diet will do more for your gut than tea.

Three of the ingredients – yerba mate, fennel seeds and nettle leaves – have a laxative effect which would cause the contraceptive pill to be flushed out of your body.

In addition to this, the product contains dandelion leaf which has been shown to interact with estrogen-based contraceptives by either affecting how the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream, metabolised by the liver, or cleared from the body in urine.

Crystal added: “I don’t regret taking the tea as I have the biggest achievement and blessing I could wish for in my daughter.

“I’m over all the issues that came when with the pregnancy but it was the hardest time of my life.

“Whilst it was highly traumatic, I don’t feel bad about it at all because it gave me my beautiful girl, but my circumstances could have been very difference.”

Bootea have been contacted for a comment.