Life Offbeat

By Hannah Phillips


A single tourist has asked complete strangers to KISS her in front of the world’s most famous landmarks – for the perfect romantic picture.

Heartbroken blonde beauty Kristina Kuqi, 23, began the unusual tradition on a trip to Paris after a messy breakup.

Scared of missing out on the romantic Eiffel Tower shot she’d always wanted, Kristiana, from Kosovo, approached the first attractive man she saw for a smooch in front of the camera.

Since then, the stunner has pulled the stunt again in front of Rome’s Colosseum and in central Kentucky with more travellers whose names she didn’t know – and has no plans to stop locking lips with strangers any time soon.

The campaign manager said: “My ex-boyfriend and I were going to travel to Paris together, amongst other places.

“When we broke up, I had to rethink my initial plans.

“I’ve always wanted a picture kissing at the Eiffel Tower.

“So, I got there with one of my girlfriends and we were taking so many pictures because it was my first time in France.

“I’m looking around and I see a gorgeous guy and think to myself ‘you need the romantic picture you’ve always wanted and now is the chance’.

“When I told my friend I was thinking of asking this guy for a kiss we both started freaking out about it.

“I just approached him and asked if he had a girlfriend and he said no.

“I was looking at him, trying my best to keep my cool and asked ‘will you kiss me right there in front of the Eiffel Tower for a picture’, and in the coolest manner he just said ‘yes, of course’.”

From then on, Kristiana says asking random men to kiss her has built her confidence and helped her get over self-esteem issues.


Her hilarious images have gone viral since she posted them to her social media – but she said not all the comments have been positive.

She said: “It’s not really about the picture to me to be honest, I used to have a lot of self-confidence issues and asking a random cute guy to kiss you requires confidence.

“I would always walk away with the biggest smile on my face and feel so confident. It kind of became an adrenaline rush for me.

“Some people have been making comments like ‘did you forget about herpes?’ but at the end of the day we’re all kissing strangers at parties, clubs and on first dates.

“I also think it’s a way for sharing a moment of pure sweetness with someone else.

“I haven’t talked or seen the guys after those kisses, I don’t even know their names but I really hope they’re doing well.”